Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tomorrow, I leave...

Tomorrow, I leave for an amazing adventure abroad. I am starting this blog so my mom can follow my travels, stories, and pictures, yet I know a few others will stumble upon this and I hope you can enjoy something from my experiences. I am new to this type of forum, so please bear with me (also I may not have the best grammar on the planet, so forgive me). 

For the next 108 days I will be spending the second semester of my Sophomore year in college on a semester abroad in Greece. Our group will live and study (yes we will have to study) in Greece just an hour outside of Athens. We take several trips, including a jaunt to Egypt, Israel, and the Mediterranean Islands. I have been looking forward to this trip for over a year. This Spring semester has consumed my plans (I am a major planner... OCD at times), it is all I talk about (sorry if it got old), and now that I leave in a little over 24 hours, I am still amazed by how blessed I am to have this opportunity. I know our itinerary, I have the packing lists, I have prepared and planned, and yet I don't know what lies ahead of me. Whatever happens, I aim to enjoy the journey, have too much fun, and learn a lot about myself along the way (and if I happen to meet a handsome Grecian man in the process so be it... just kidding... sort of). 

I am finished packing except for a few minor things to be thrown in last minute, and believe me, it was a process. One 50lb suitcase, two carry on items, three trips to the store, a quadruple-checked packing list (yep OCD), and five hours later  I am almost packed and ready to go on Wednesday morning at 4am... here is a picture of my packing process from start to almost finish. 

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